5 Ways To Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns


Do you have a campaign that you're spending $50, $100…maybe $500 a day, but want to start spending $1000-$5000 a day and increase your profit?  Then this is for you…

I've scaled several campaigns to over $6,000 a day in Facebook ads.  It can be difficult.  You need to make sure of one thing before we go down this road:

Do I have a big enough target market?
Are you targeting Moms, who have a 3-year old boy that likes sponge-bob square pants that live in Bar Harbor, Maine?  Yea, you might be a little too niche'd out.  If you're target market is tiny, then you might have already reached your audience size and can't scale.

If none of those apply to you, then here are a few ways I've scaled Facebook ad campaigns effectively.

1) Find More Interests
This one you might think “well… duh”, but you'd be surprised that people just forget.  Are their authors in your market?  Websites?  Speakers?  Software?  Books?  You should be using Audience Insights to find more potential interests to target.

2) Duplicating Ad Sets
If you find that spending $100/day on your current ad set is giving you a great ROI, then just duplicate it.  You'll need to test to find the best daily spend to get your the most ROI.  I've seen $20/day work best.  I've also seen $200/day work best, so try different daily spend amounts to see before you start duplicating. Depending on how big your audience size is, just continue to duplicate ad sets until you start to see ROI fall.

3) Lookalike Audiences
If you don't know what this is, please read up on them.  As you continue to get new action takers (email subscribers, buyers, etc…), create lookalike audiences based off of those action takers.  If you have a funnel, where you collect email, then tripwire, then big ticket.  Create lookalikes for each KPI (key performance indicator) along the way.

4) Website Conversions
If you're not using conversion pixels, stop everything you're doing and get that setup, because this won't work until you do (and lets be honest, you should have this done anyway).

The facebook conversion pixel is pretty powerful.  As it generate more conversions for the type of action you're tracking (pageview, leads, sales, etc…) Facebook starts creating “profiles” of what those action takers look like.  After you get 500 conversions, Facebook has a pretty good idea of what type of profile (or person) is performing those actions.

What you can do is create a new Website Conversion campaign, target your demographics (Country, Sex, Gender, etc…) and keep everything else broad (I typically won't even add Interests) and let the conversion pixel find the action takers they already have a good “profile” on within all of Facebook users.  This is one of the best ways to scale a campaign.

5) Raise Daily Limits
Most Facebook accounts have  $5,000 daily cap you can spend.  If you're spending $5,000 a day and want to spend more, contact their live chat or send them an email.  They'll lift your daily cap amount and reset it to another threshold, typically whatever you want.


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