Let Me Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
And Get You $2 for Every $1 Spent (or more)!
Let Me Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns And Get You $2 for Every $1 Spent (or more)!
Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out paid traffic?
Do you want to stop pouring hours into learning paid traffic like Facebook, Google Display Network, and Outbrain?
Or maybe you already know how to use paid traffic, but want to someone to do it for you so you can GROW your business...instead of running it?
Wouldn't your rather hand-off the responsibility to drive paid traffic through your sales funnel to generate more subscribers, leads and sales?!
10 Years Of Paid Traffic Experience
adam Maywald
Paid Traffic Expert
I've been performing paid traffic and internet marketing for ourselves and clients for over 10 years.
Fortune 1000 companies I've worked on include: MotorTrend.com, Costco.com, TVG.com & Allergan.com
In those 10 years, I have learned one crucial thing: If you can't pay for online traffic, you don't have a scalable business.
My mission is to help you with paid traffic, optimizing your sales funnel and put together a winning email drip marketing campaign to maximize the traffic we generate!
Success Story: Eric Lomeli
Doing $40,000 to $60,000 Per Month Now
Let's Work Together
Now that I've talked just a little bit about what we do, who we are and how we do it, let's make sure you're a right fit for our services.
I don't want to waste anymore of your time, nor do I want to waste any of my time, if we're not a good match for each other at this current moment.
Who's A Fantastic Fit
These industries are great for our services (but not limited to either!):

Nutraceutical/Supplement Companies, Service-based Businesses and Information Marketing Companies

Direct Response Companies, especially if you have a proven track record offline and looking to transition online

Business Owners who want a team of paid traffic experts working side-by-side towards a destination: making more money, but without the fuss and hassle of micro-managing each step. You also recognize paid traffic is a marathon, not a sprint.
Success Story: Kale Abrahamson
Spent $98,000 and Make $314,000
Who's Not-Such-A-Good Fit
We don't hate ya, we don't want to focus on the RIGHT people to work with:

• If you don't already have a proven funnel. This is important to have a funnel already built, as our main goal is drive as much traffic through your proven funnel, at the cheapest cost, to generate the most revenue for you.

MLM, Network Marketers and/or Affiliate Marketers. I don't hate you. I have lots of friends that do it, but we're looking for companies that have products/services that have a proven funnel and a budget for on-going paid traffic campaigns.

• If you don't have a minimum $5k budget, we may be a little premature to start our relationship. As much as we'd love to help grow your business, we need a larger budget to test your market and find the right combination of "market message", Ad copy and other tweaks to find the winning ROI.
What Do You Do For Me?
I'm so glad you asked!  Here's what I do:

• First step is to fill out our New Client Questionnaire (NCQ). This is filled with questions that help us get a better understanding of our product, who your demographics are other digital assets we can use to build a sold, converting sales/leads funnel.

 Next, we create Ads on Facebook (5 Ads + 25 Demographic Types = 125 Ads to test best click-to-conversion) and setup Retargeting (and create Banner Ads) based upon the NCQ.

• We test until finding a winning combo (Ads + Marketing Message + Landing Page) that provides you a positive ROI, then we push out to larger ad networks, like Google Display Network (plus an additional 13 large ad networks).

• Consult with best practices for building an effective email drip marketing sequence

• Optimize CTR (click-thru-rate) and EPC (earnings per click) for all active campaigns

• Send you weekly reports on progress and schedule weekly/monthly campaign overview calls

If it makes sense, talk about scaling via "Native Advertising" through networks like Outbrain and Taboola
Success Story: Travis Tolman
"Dropped cost per lead down 66%...
was at $15, now it's down to $5"
"Dropped cost per lead down 66%...
was at $15, now it's down to $5"
Success Story: Michael Moynahan
Getting $100 per Strategy Session
"He's crushing it for us"
Getting $100 per Strategy Session
"He's crushing it for us"
Success Story: Jerry Chadavoine
Generating Phone Calls For $7 Per Call
"258 Calls in 30 Days"
Phone Calls For $7 Per Call
"258 Calls in 30 Days"
Success Story: Joel Erway
Getting $4 For Every $1 Spend On Facebook Ads
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