1 Simple Trick to Get Cheap Email Optins From Facebook

As I sit here, writing this post, I’m also watching “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.  In this adventure, Indiana has to bring back a stone to a small village, as the stone has magical powers and helps this village prosper.


Much like in this movie, we need to give to get.

This simple trick is a 2-step process that I’m going to outline below with my own case studies from clients.

When I start working with a client, I typically ask them if they have a fan page setup.

If they don’t, I tell them they need one.  If they do, I ask how many fans they have.  The standard response us “not very many”.

You Need to Build More Likes!

Facebook is one of the best ways to build engagement your prospects and get them to know, trust and like you.  They get an opportunity to see how you are in your business.  If you don’t have a fan page, I recommend you get on it immediately.

The first step is to use Facebook Ads to attract new “likes” to your fan page.

Now, these are REAL likes.  These aren’t the likes you go buy on Fiverr or on some black hat forum.  You’re using Facebook Ads and targeting people you think would like your brand, company and/or message.

Set your budget to $5 and structure as so:

Title: Like “Thing About You”

Description: Click “Like” and like us.

That’s literally it.  I have fan pages where we’re getting 150-200 new likes each day just on a $5 budget.

Next step, post images, content and videos to your new “likers” that is relevant on your fan page.

This starts the rapport building process.

Now you may be thinking, I don’t want to post stuff on Facebook all day – and I wouldn’t either.

Spend 1 hour, on one day and schedule your posts throughout the week.  Facebook allows you to schedule your posts in the future.  Simple as that.

Last step is to use Facebook Ads again and ONLY TARGET your fans on your fan page.

Now that they know, like and trust you – they’re more inclined to buy or sign-up.

Here’s an example of one of our clients where we targeted our fans from our fan page and non-fans (super cold traffic) to our offer:


This is a method to increase the conversions and something we do for our clients.

We do like to setup cold traffic funnels to convert people that have never heard of our clients as well, so this is a good strategy to in conjunction.

I want to help you grow your business through Facebook Ads! Contact me for a free consultation and lets chat!

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