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5 Ways To Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do you have a campaign that you’re spending $50, $100…maybe $500 a day, but want to start spending $1000-$5000 a day and increase your profit?  Then this is for you… I’ve scaled several campaigns to over $6,000 a day in Facebook ads.  It can be difficult.  You need to make sure of one thing before […]

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Top 5 Tools To Run Paid Traffic Campaigns

When you’re running paid traffic, you need to have the right tools that can scale with you and your campaigns. Here are my top tools I use daily to run traffic campaigns for my clients: 1. Improvely I use to track all the various paid traffic sources.  I have a permanent browser tab open for […]

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7 Steps To Create Facebook Compliant Landing Pages & Ads

This year has been rough for us Facebook advertisers. Facebook decided to shut accounts down, left and right. The worst part, is that they weren’t telling anyone really how to make our landing pages compliant. Facebook has one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet right now. So it’s important to have compliant […]

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How to Create Your Customer Avatar with Buyer Data

Welcome to Pay Traffic Architect. My name is Adam Maywald your Pay Traffic expert. Today’s video I’ll discuss with you how I build a customer avatar when my clients have a buyer’s list. Now 1 of the first questions I ask my clients is, do they have buyer email addresses? If they haven’t ran a […]

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