How to Create Your Customer Avatar with Buyer Data

Welcome to Pay Traffic Architect. My name is Adam Maywald your Pay Traffic expert. Today’s video I’ll discuss with you how I build a customer avatar when my clients have a buyer’s list. Now 1 of the first questions I ask my clients is, do they have buyer email addresses? If they haven’t ran a Pay Traffic campaign via Facebook or Google AdWords more often than not if they already have a campaign that’s functioning and a that’s working, they got their buyer’s list through JVs, through email marketing, through affiliate sales so they have a list of buyers already but driving traffic through Facebook and through paid media is foreign.

Specifically when you start as a Facebook campaign you need to understand your demographics. You’re not spending tons and tons of dollars on media and on people that are clicking your ads are never going to convert. You when you don’t know your demographics when you start, where do you begin? The best place I look at is your buyer’s list and you maybe asking, “Well I have the email addresses, what do I do with that? Do I contact each person individually and ask them pertinent questions? Do I send them a survey?” Survey is 1 way to do it but the way that I like to use it is using big data.

If you’ve seen any movement on big data, there’s companies out there online that aggregate all the data from shopping carts, from analytics and they aggregate this and make you pay for that data. The 1 I like to use is called rapleaf, that’s What you do is you take your buyer email list and you upload that into their system. They claim they have data on 80% of the US email addresses out there. That at least 1 source of data can be … it can be a data where’s its male or female. It can be data on their age. It can be data on their household income. Lots of different sources of data that they have.


I’ll take the buyer’s list from my client. I’ll upload them to rapleaf and then I will dissect that data that’s given back to me. This gets really [granular 00:02:46] you can see from your current buyers who are they. Are they male or female? What are the age demographics? What kind of homes do they live in? What kind of books do they read? All this information you can get form rapleaf. If you already have a buyers list and you want to know more information about your buyers and you have it, start a pay traffic campaign specifically through Facebook. I recommend taking that list, uploading it into, pay for that data that you’re going to get from them and start running your pay traffic campaigns with that data. It’s going to help you get to conversions a lot quicker.

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