How To Get 50% – 70% Higher Open Rates Without Sending Another Email Again

Email marketing can really suck sometimes.

You spend a bunch of money getting new visitors to your website and then you have to funnel those people onto your email list.

Then you send an email and if you're luck, you'll get a 30-40% open rate on your email and 5-10% click through on the link in your email.

These stats don't look great:


It's becoming increasingly more expensive to send email – and I don't meant the cost of your autoresponder service. 🙂

I mean acquiring email subscribers to your list.  It's costing more and more because you need more email subscribers to make it worth it!

So, lets recap on the asset you have with an example:

1000 people on your email list you've built over the last 3 years.
300 people open your email everytime you send an email to your list.
50 people click on the link that is in your email.

So, you're list that took you 3 years to build, is only getting you MAYBE 50 visitors to your offer on your website.

Increasing Your Open Rates

What if I told you we could increase your open rate by 30-70%…would that excite you?  Of course it would!

The way we do this isn't through trying to use clever headlines, different white-listed IPs or a new email autoresponder provider.

We use Facebook.


That's right…we use the power of Facebook's advertising platform to reach out to people that opt-ed into your email list.

How we do this is through, what Facebook calls: Custom Audiences

Facebook allows you to upload a list of email addresses into their Facebook advertising platform.

Then, Facebook looks for profiles that match up with each one of those email addresses you uploaded.

Once Facebook does find a profile that matches the email, it adds them to a custom list (or Custom Audience) for you to advertise to.

A common response to telling my clients to access their prospects on Facebook is: “They're not on Facebook”.

Let me show you some interesting stats:

As you can see…with over 1.2 Billion people (yup, BILLION!) on Facebook…you prospects and NEW customers/clients are definitely on there.

Email is still considered by most businesses as one of the most cost effective way to acquire new customers and clients.

But with more and more businesses jumping onboard with building their email list, these subscribers (your prospects) are GETTING more and more emails.  They only have so much time they dedicate to reading emails – but more emails are coming through – which is the reason click-throughs are continuing to decline.

The Newsfeed Is The Answer!

What if we could show them our offer in their Facebook newsfeed?

Here's what the Facebook Newsfeed looks like:

7-27-2014 4-35-02 PM

Do you know what the “open rate” is when advertising in the Faecbook newsfeed?  It's 100%!!  That means we'll be able to show your add to your new custom audience you built in the Newsfeed 100% of the time!

That is much better then email! 🙂

Are You Throwing Money Out The Window With Your Paid Traffic Campaigns?

Would you like me to start driving quality leads and sales through paid traffic like Facebook, Google Display Network or Native Ads platforms?

Schedule a 30-minute strategy session and lets chat on how we can work together to increase your sales and decrease cost per acquisition.


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