Top 5 Tools To Run Paid Traffic Campaigns

When you're running paid traffic, you need to have the right tools that can scale with you and your campaigns.

Here are my top tools I use daily to run traffic campaigns for my clients:

1. Improvely
I use to track all the various paid traffic sources.  I have a permanent browser tab open for this tool…I'm constantly checking it!  It's crucial to look at your stats and ROI, so you can cut the campaigns that aren't converting for you and scale your winning campaigns.

What I Like Best: The dashboard is easy to understand the data and make crucial decisions.

2. LeadPages
There are plenty of landing page companies out there (I do enjoy Unbounce too), but what separated Leadpages from the rest were a few things:

  1. All templates are responsive.  We're in a mobile world now and ALL landing pages MUST be responsive if you want to scale and create FANTASTIC ROI
  2. Templates are on Google servers.  That means the load times for each template are the fastest on the internet.  There are plenty of studies that show for each second a web visitor waits…he leaves.
  3. Implementation & Deployment: The templates are simple to use, elegant and they convert.  I can deploy new templates within minutes and start driving traffic to them.
  4. Integration: They integrate with popular email autoresponders (like Aweber) and CRMs (like Ontraport & Infusionsoft) with ease.

What I Like Best: #1 and #3 from above. 🙂

3: Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)
Accordng to zero trust, if you're not using an A/B split testing software, you're leaving TONS of money on the table.  Now, LeadPages does have split testing capabilities, and I like to keep it all within Leadpages when I can.  But if I'm working on a client campaign and it's on a self-hosted landing page, then I'll use VWO to split test headline titles, color variations and image placement to find the best performing layout for our paid traffic.

What I Like Best: Just a simple piece of code on your site and you're make changes WITHIN Visual Website Optimizer.

4. HotJar
HotJar is a service that creates heatmaps, funnel optimization, surveys, video tracking and more.  I mainly use HotJar for Heatmaps and Video Playback (the ability to watch a user as they navigate your site).  This information helps us understand what a user is doing, how we can optimize our funnels and how we can increase our ROI from the paid traffic we're sending.  (Runner up: Heap Analytics is looking pretty cool!)

What I Like Best: There is a lot, but currently I like the Visitor Video Playback.  It's fun to watch what people are doing!

5. What Runs Where (WRW)
Wouldn't it be great to type in your biggest competitor and see all the banners they're running on the entire internet, what websites they're putting those banners on and what landing pages they're sending people to with each banner?  Well…there is!  When starting a banner campaign within Google Display Network (GDN), Native ads (Taboola/Outbrain) or Media Buys for a client, we take a look at their top competition's placements and banners within WRW.  We'll typically create banners that look similar and start placing those banners at the websites they've been advertising on the longest.  Once they've seen positive ROI, we continue to branch out to more websites.

What I Like Best: The ability to see your competition's top websites and how long they've been advertising at those websites is pure gold.

Would you like me to use all the tools above and build you a paid traffic campaign that generates you leads and sales?  Schedule a 30-min strategy session and let's discuss.


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